The Digital Transition Is Here!

Antenna Alert

Past antenna performance is no guarantee of reliable reception of new digital television signals!

Consumers who elect to continue to receive their local television service with an over-the-air (non-cable/satellite) antenna may find it neccessary to upgrade their existing indoor or outdoor antenna.

Rabbit Ears GraphicDigital television receivers, including the set-top converter boxes - require a strong, consistent signal from an antenna.

Depending on the distance from your local digital television station towers, it may be necessary to replace an indoor "rabbit ear" antenna with a suitable outdoor roof-mounted antenna to receive the local channels you desire.

In some cases - consumers with an existing outdoor roof-mounted antenna may find the need to upgrade to a larger, more powerful antenna - or may need to re-aim their current antenna as some local broadcasters may have had to relocate their towers for the digital transmissions.

For detailed information on specific antenna requirements at your address, visit the FCC DTV website here.


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